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professional service
                      with an individual approach
We offer to develop various individual technical projects, provide advice on the best solutions.
  • Development of the sports cars, maintenance
  • Engine building for various sports car disciplines
  • Adjustable control unit installation, adjustment
  • Reinforcement of the transmission, adaptation to individual needs - clutch, drive shaft, gearbox, hexagon, new technical solutions
  • Exhaust system manufacturing (v-band, exhaust manifolds, mufflers)
  • Intercooler adjustment, installation, replacement
  • Installation of safety frames, crash bars
  • Body preparation, reinforcement
  • Manufacture, adjustment, installation of suspension parts
  • Welding - aluminum and other materials
  • Custom-made non-standard parts
  • Manufacture of metal construction
  • Turnery

Do not hesitate to contact us:

+371 28 38 43 49 - Jānis

+371 26 31 16 49 - Eduards


Garozas street 38C, Jelgava, LV-3001, Latvia